COVID-19 Information

Arbor Family Medicine is continuing to provide Pfizer vaccines at our Thornton location Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and 9-11:30am on Saturdays in Westminster. Whether you need a booster dose or are just starting your vaccine series, we are here for you! Feel free to call 303-254-8500 for an appointment or request one online and avoid hold times.

The COVID-19 vaccine remains the best protection from severe COVID infection, hospitalization, and death. Due to the increased infectiousness of the Delta variant and the potential for vaccine effectiveness to decrease over time, the CDC has recently recommended booster shots for certain populations to help provide extra protection against COVID infection. We understand that the changes in recommendations can be confusing, and you may be wondering whether you are eligible for or really need a booster shot.Arbor Family Medicine is here to help you understand COVID-19 vaccine updates and what applies to you.

COVID Immunizations Provided by Arbor Family Medicine
As of 7/27 – 3334 at Thornton
As of 7/27 – 273 at Westminster

The “Booster” (third vaccine) is now available!

• Anyone 65 years and older or those with underlying health conditions. Please CLICK HERE for full list.
• Anyone 18 years and over working in a high-risk environment: first responders, education staff, retail and hospitality, etc. Please CLICK HERE for full list.
• Age 18 and over that received J&J Vaccine. You are eligible 2 months after 1st dose. No special conditions for this booster 
• No proof required for health condition or work environment.
• Booster doses are interchangeable. Our office is currently offering the Pfizer vaccine.

For Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccinations

Pfizer vaccine for children age groups 5-11 and 12+ is now available.

Vaccine is provided regardless of patient status, citizenship, and/or insurance coverage.
Covid-19 vaccine is given at no cost to you.

Getting a full series of COVID vaccine, is the best way to protect yourself and your family from severe COVID infection, hospitalization, or death. With the holiday seasons around the corner, let us help protect you and your loved ones. Call or CLICK HERE to request your COVID vaccine or booster.


Actualización de COVID-19 “Refuerzo” (Tercera vacuna)

Arbor Family Medicine está aquí para ayudarlo a comprender las actualizaciones de la vacuna COVID-19 y lo que se aplica a usted.

El “Refuerzo” (tercera vacuna) ya está disponible!

• Cualquier persona de 65 años o más o aquellos con condiciones de salud subyacentes. Haga CLICK AQUÍ para ver la lista completa.
• Cualquier persona de 18 años o más que trabaje en un entorno de alto riesgo: socorristas, personal educativo, comercio y hospitalidad, etc. Haga CLIC AQUÍ para ver la lista completa.
• Mayores de 18 años que recibieron la vacuna J&J. Usted es elegible 2 meses después de la 1ª dosis. No hay condiciones especiales para este refuerzo.
• No se requiere prueba de condición de salud o ambiente de trabajo.
• Las dosis de refuerzo son intercambiables. Nuestra oficina actualmente ofrece la vacuna de Pfizer.

Para vacunas Pediátricas contra el COVID-19

• Las vacunas de Pfizer ahora están disponibles para ambos grupos de edad infantil de 5-11 años y mayores de 12 años.
Por favor llame para programar su cita. La administración de la vacuna comenzara el Miércoles 10 de Noviembre del 2021.

Vacuna proporcionada independientemente del estado del paciente, ciudadanía y/o cobertura de seguro. La vacuna contra el COVID-19 se administra sin costo alguno para usted.
Recibir una serie completa de vacunas contra el COVID-19 es la mejor manera de protegerse a sí mismo y a su familia de la infección grave por COVID-19, la hospitalización o la muerte.
Con las temporadas navideñas a la vuelta de la esquina, permítanos ayudarlo a protegerlo a usted y a sus seres queridos. Llame o haga CLICK AQUÍ para solicitar su vacuna o refuerzo contra
el COVID-19.



We offer the Pfizer vaccine by appointment on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 4 pm. The Pfizer vaccine is given in 2 doses which should be 3 weeks apart.

We will schedule both of your doses when you call.
Both of your doses should be the same brand (Pfizer or Moderna).

Our schedules are now open and we’re excited to be offering vaccines for you and your family.
Please call to schedule your Pfizer vaccine appointment at 303-254-8500!

If you need a vaccine and are NOT already on the waiting list, please email us at


  • The SUBJECT LINE should include your Full Name (first and last) and Date of Birth
  • The body of your email should include:
    • Best daytime phone number
    • Is this your first or second dose?
    • If this is your second dose, include the exact date of your first dose and the manufacturer (Moderna or Pfizer).
  • If you are unable to email, you can call the office at 303-254-8500 to get put on the waiting list.

Please note the following:
• Phone requests will be added to the waiting list within 1-2 business days. Email is the fastest way to get on the waiting list.
• If you are getting a second dose, you will be required to bring your vaccine card or proof of first vaccine to your vaccine appointment.
• Your first and second dose must be from the same manufacturer.
• Please be sure to include all requested information in your email. Incomplete information may result in a delay in being added to the waiting list.

If you have already received your COVID-19 vaccine – that’s wonderful! We are so glad you were able to get your vaccines! We would like to collect the information regarding your vaccines to keep your medical chart up to date. Please either bring your vaccine card to your next visit or email us a copy of your card at If you cannot email a copy, you can just email the information – exact dates and manufacturer. Please remember to include your name and date of birth so we can get this information to your chart.

Disclaimers: Arbor Family cannot guarantee the security of information sent to us via email. Please do not include any other information (health, financial, etc) in your email for your own security. If you are not comfortable sending your information via email, you may call our office to get on the waiting list. The email address will be used to communicate regarding COVID vaccines as described above ONLY. Please contact our office via usual methods (phone, web portal message, etc) if you have any other questions or concerns.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information. Answers to concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Experts says pregnant patients who meet Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations should be offered a COVID-19 vaccine.