Insurance & Billing

All you need to know about billing and coverage


Payment will be requested at the time of service for all services that are non-covered or determined to be the patient’s responsibility, including co-payments. As of January 1, 2023 All High Deductible plans and those that have not met their annual deductible, will require a  $75.00 deposit at time of service. Payment may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or American Express. You may also pay your bill online through this website, Our fees are comparable to the usual and customary fees charged by other family medicine physicians in this area. If you have a question regarding insurance, billing or our fees, please call our billing office at 303.280.7322.

What Insurance Covers

We understand medical insurance can be complicated. We deal with a number of insurance carriers with ever-changing policies. Insurance companies now separate a wellness exam and a problem-solving visit. Most insurance companies won’t pay us to do both during the same visit. Further, a wellness exam alone is really involved. We need to review your specific medical history, including past diagnoses, lab tests, preventative tests, drug doses, and more. We see how you are currently doing, then diagnose for the upcoming year and how we will approach each issue. Once we see the big picture, we’ll schedule a problem-solving visit to discuss one or more issues in detail, then try an approach, such as writing a prescription.

Insurance Claims/Billing

Arbor Family Medicine participates with most major insurance carriers. As a courtesy to our patients, we will file insurance claims for those insurances with which we participate. Please remember, any amount not covered by insurance is ultimately the patient’s responsibility (please see financial agreement). A list of the major insurance companies we participate with is on this website, but please contact your insurance company to confirm that we are still participating. We require that you bring your insurance card and photo ID to all visits.

No Surprises Act: Understand your rights against surprise medical bills

Download Fact Sheet for No Surprises Act


Insurance Options

Below is a partial list of our partners in healthcare. If you don’t see your insurance on this list, please call our billing office at 303.280.7322.

We accept Medicaid for new patient’s based on Medicaid provider assignment to Arbor Family Medicine. We also accept Original Medicare PT B and only the following Medicare Advantage Plans “Replacement Plans”: AARP United Healthcare and Humana Medicare.

Aetna US Healthcare – most products.

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield – most products, we also take all other Blue Cross products (such as out of state, and regular Blue Cross).

Cofinity – most products.

Cigna/GreatWest – most products.

First Health/Coventry – most products.

Humana – most products.

MultiPlan – most products.

United Healthcare – most products, including United Healthcare AARP Medicare Complete by Secure Horizons.

Do to regulations, for Workers Comp, please talk to your Human Resources department at your employer, and they should be able to refer you to a facility that can help you.

For auto accidents, we would be happy to refer you to a facility that covers auto injury cases.

Prescription Refill Policy

The issue of “medication refills” is often a sensitive one for patients. When people visit the office for a medication refill, it’s really a follow-up on the medical condition, and intended with our patient’s best interest in mind. A prescription medication is one that has the potential for complications and we believe the prescriber has a responsibility to supervise the patient. As such, we ask that you schedule an appointment to have your prescriptions filled. In some cases, we deem there to be too much risk to approve refills without seeing you first. This can even be true of maintenance medicine.
At your scheduled office visit, the provider will discuss appropriate monitoring intervals for your medications, and will make sure you have enough refills until the next planned office visit.
When your medicine bottle shows: “No refills remain” or “Contact your physician for a refill,” these should serve as a reminder that you need to come in and be seen.
Some medications are best monitored with laboratory testing in addition to an office visit. These include cholesterol lowering medication, blood pressure and diabetes medication, and thyroid supplements. If you think you may need lab work prior to the office visit, have it drawn at least 48 hours before the appointment so that we can use the appointment time more efficiently.
Please bring either a printed list of your medication or the medicine bottles themselves to your appointment.
Coumadin Policy –
Patients on Coumadin or warfarin are seen for monitoring at least once a month for prothrombin time (PT, Protime) blood test. Please schedule a regular office visit with a provider to address any other medical problems. We can perform a Protime during those visits, as well.

Refill Policy