COVID-19 Information


If you have the opportunity to receive the vaccine anywhere, please do so! Just let us know the date and vaccine type.

  • Arbor Family Medicine does not currently have any COVID-19 vaccines and we are uncertain when any will be made available to us, though we hope to administrate a COVID-19 vaccine when one is made available to us.
  • Arbor Family Medicine has not established any type of policy or system to determine which of our patients would be given the vaccine first. Without knowing when or how many doses we may get, it would be impossible to develop any type of viable plan.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information. Answers to concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Which facilities are currently offering COVID-19 vaccines in our state?
Currently the people eligible for COVID vaccine:
Group 1A: Anyone working in a healthcare facility: inpatient or outpatient. This includes hospital, nursing home, therapy, dental, visiting/home nursing services.
Group 1B: All first responders and education workers: Police, fire fighters, teachers, and those working in those facilities. And then patients resident in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as those 70 and older living in the community.

Experts says pregnant patients who meet Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations should be offered a COVID-19 vaccine.